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Real Estate Marketing = World’s Best Cup of Coffee

I  love Elf.  Great movie and arguably the best movie that Will Ferrell carried on his own. Wedding Crashers was great, as was Old School, but he wasn’t the star in those films.  Anyway, I digress… I was thinking of that movie while  viewing a competitor’s video where they took some major liberties with the [...]

Coldwell Banker Affordability Bracket

I love this time of year. It’s March Madness. Everyone’s filling out brackets, and so many college towns are brimming with anticipation. I love these communities and have an affinity for all things college basketball. I was born in Pac-10 country (Fort Huachuca, Arizona), lived in the epicenter of the Big 10 (Columbus, OH), went [...]

March 15 / 2010

I want my MTV…just in real estate this time.

MTV just changed their logo after 30 years and dropped the “Music Television” line under the big “M”. UGH, I’m getting old. Thinking back to the days after I graduated from Rutgers and watched at least 10 hours straight every day of The Police, Pat Benatar, Dire Straits and my personal favorite, Joe “King” Carasco [...]

March 12 / 2010

Phone Home Shopping

The Wall Street Journal released an article this morning talking about how more and more home buyers are using mobile apps to help them find the home of their dreams. The article is a quick read and very much a high level look at how real estate apps are popping up left and right. At [...]

March 10 / 2010

Short Sales 101

I was home late last week relaxing on my sofa, giving my DVR a workout by catching up on all the TV I’ve missed out on recently, and came across a link that David Marine posted to the Coldwell Banker Facebook page titled, “Short Sales 101: Ins and Outs of Short Sales.” As a real [...]

Men vs Women: A Difference in Real Estate Opinion

When you go through a winter like we have had in New Jersey, forecasts of 50 degree temperatures in the first weekend of March are reason for optimism. And Mother Nature came through in a big way. What a weekend! I’ve lived in a bunch of different places (NJ, California, Tennessee) and there is nothing [...]

March 09 / 2010
Author Mike Fischer
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Home Sweet Office?

Home is no longer just the place where you hang your hat, but is becoming the place to open up your briefcase as well. Over 4,700 consumers responded to an online poll on and Coldwell Banker On Location that asked the question, “Besides as a bedroom, how would you use an extra room in [...]

March 08 / 2010
Author David Marine
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Do You Trust your Brand?

Toyota is learning this the hard way…the massive recall has the potential of undoing 40 years of industry-leading, awe-inspiring brand building in one fell swoop (Come clean:  I used to work for Nissan North America and was always envious of their great work).  What they knew and when they knew it is a big deal [...]

March 04 / 2010

SciFi is Becoming a Real Estate Reality

Remember a few years ago when the “wired” home was a big selling point. It came ready with internet ports, multimedia stations, central hard drives in the basement and all the trimmings of tech goodness. Well, that’s so 2004. Welcome to a new decade where wireless rules and digital sharing of information in the home [...]

March 01 / 2010
Author David Marine
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