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Real Estate by the Numbers for July 2012

Welcome to our second look inside the numbers of Before I get into the most visited homes on our site and where visitors are coming from and showing the most interest in, I wanted to touch on how consumers are searching. It is fascinating.

Real Estate Headlines for Middle of July

Heat advisories are in full effect. Vacation trips are commencing. And chances are you’re thinking that you need a pool in your backyard or at least a close neighbor that has one. All signs that it’s the middle of July. Here are some hot and muggy headlines to fit the occasion.

7 Comic-Con Inspired Items for Your Home

Comic-Con 2012 is in full swing. It’s the annual gathering of geekdom that has become a cultural phenomenon for the comic industry, TV, movies and more. While people from across the globe descend on San Diego this week, what about those of us that are stuck home?

20 No Cook Recipes for a Hot Summer Night

Standing over a grill or stove on a hot summer night is no fun for anyone! Check out these easy, no cook recipes that will taste delicious and keep your home cool at the same time. Here are our favorite no cook recipes from salad to dessert:

July 13 / 2012
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Rental Search Now Live on

As our Chief Executive Officer Jim Gillespie often says on TV, homeownership is something that a vast majority of Americans aspire to. In fact, in a recent Coldwell Banker survey on the American Dream of Homeownership, we learned that 83% of renters agree that they want to own a home someday. With that said, many people, [...]

Save Money On Home Improvements

Home improvement projects, such as additions and renovations, can add real estate value to a home and make it more fitting to homeowners’ tastes. However, making home improvements do not have to break the bank and many owners can make wide-ranging updates to their properties on a budget. There are several ways homeowners can save [...]

July 11 / 2012

The Relevance of Home in Baseball

Tonight is the mid-summer classic. The annual gathering of the best in Major League Baseball. Whether or not you care for the game of baseball or not, you can’t deny that baseball, more than any other sport, is impacted by the concept of home. Think about it.

July 10 / 2012

Here’s to Kid’s Rooms: 10 Rooms We Wish We Grew Up In

In May, we learned from Dr. Robi Ludwig home provides emotional and psychological benefits that go far beyond financial returns. I believe that these benefits play a vital role in even our earliest years of life.  Our earliest roots are planted right in our bedroom. Looking back on my childhood I smile thinking about the [...]

4 Tips for Making a Home on the Golf Course

Whether you are an avid golfer or simply enjoy being around the sport, golf course living provides an opportunity to live within some beautiful surroundings. It may surprise you to learn that living in a golf community is more affordable then what you might think, and with an array of options, there really is something for everyone, whether you want to be on the course or close to it.

July 10 / 2012

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Your Home

Summertime and the living is easy…except when you have to pay the bills for using all that air conditioning. The summer months make my electric bill skyrocket as I tend to crank up the central air as much as possible to fight off the humidity that seems to linger in the months of July and August. The Shine from Yahoo! came out with a great post today on how to make your air conditioning dollars go further, and we couldn’t think of a more timely post.

July 09 / 2012