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Family Fun Month: 14 DIY Projects to Make “Clean Up Time” Fun

It’s family fun month! In part three of our five part series we look to something that is totally NOT fun, and that my friends is clean up time. Hearing those four simple words, “It’s clean up time”, as a child is the worst!  I remember taking in the images of the chaos of Barbie [...]

August 17 / 2012

Big News for Man Caves

August 15, 2012 will go down as a historic and momentous day for men everywhere. ‘Man Cave’ was officially added as a recognized “new word” to Merriam-Webster dictionary. (read about it)

August 16 / 2012

Is This the Most Unique Home in the World?

This what happens when you get bored with your work. You start doing crazy things that you’ve only dreamed of. That’s what happened to 73-year old builder, Bohumil Lhota. A home builder in the Czech Republic, Lhota got tired of building the same old common places that you can see on any street corner around the world. So he decided to do something different.

August 16 / 2012

Home of the Week: Tuscan Living By the Sea

Describing this as dramatic scenery may be an understatement. This amazing home in Monte Argentario, Italy is truly a dream home. This six bedroom 5,380 sq. ft. place offers amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea and a private pier to dock your boat.

August 15 / 2012

10 Great White Kitchens

White kitchens have quickly become a desirable trend. For many, this design choice provides tranquility and a sense of feeling fresh and clean. Of course for others an all white kitchen is simply impractical (but still beautiful to look at!). Adding bold accents to the neutral backdrop of white can make a kitchen feel timeless and elegant. Please enjoy the following 10 white kitchens that we love from

August 15 / 2012

The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Battle Against Mosquitoes

One of the ultimate buzz kills of a backyard BBQ is having party crashing, ankle biting, blood sucking mosquitoes as your “uninvited guests”. In addition to leaving their gift of an itchy bite in the most uncomfortable and hard to reach places their bites also leave a possibility of disease transmission. Take a look at [...]

August 14 / 2012

8 Must Have Totally Genius Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is the central hub of a busy home and for many a room in the house where families spend hours cooking, eating and laughing together. I have yet to meet a homeowner who doesn’t have a kitchen upgrade wishlist and I have a feeling after seeing the photos below that list is going [...]

August 14 / 2012

A Tornado Proof House That Hides Underground

You have to hand it to the folks over at 10 Design for truly out of the box thinking. How do you solve a problem like tornadoes for those who live in places that experience them on a regular basis? For 10 Design the answer was make the house go where the tornado can’t get it…underground.

August 13 / 2012

Real Estate Headlines for the Middle of August

Back to school commercials are already on TV. That last vacation is almost upon you. Yes, it’s the middle of August and you’re probably sweating wherever you’re reading this. To cool the mind and keep you in the know, here are the latest real estate headlines:

August 13 / 2012
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Family Fun Month: Olympics at Your Home

Since July 27 the world has been buzzing with conversations about the Olympics. Despite already knowing the outcome of the events prior to actually watching them (thank you very much social media), my husband and I have been glued to our TV at night watching each event on the edge of our seats.  From the [...]

August 10 / 2012