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A Hassle Free Way to Carve a Beautiful Halloween Pumpkin

Forget trying to draw and trace complicated shapes. Cookie cutters are the way to go.

October 18 / 2012

You Really Don’t Know How to Rake Leaves

If you live in a place that actually experiences autumn (not you Southern California) then you’re probably seeing some foliage covering your lawn a little bit at a time. Before you know it, your grass is invisible as the fall season become a literal reality.

October 17 / 2012
Author David Marine
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Buyers: Know What Items are Included in the Home Sale

A home buyer’s guide to understanding what stays and what goes during the home closing process.

A New Found Appreciation for Home, Neighbors and Community

I sit at home, recovering from an injury and surgery, not feeling sorry for myself, but being incredibly grateful that we own a home and have established roots in a community where people have taken amazing care of me, David, and our two boys.

Real Estate Headlines for the Middle of October

October is half over and pretty soon your home’s doorbell will be ringing nonstop as Halloween approaches. As you start to turn your closets over with colder weather ahead, here are some real estate headlines to keep you up to speed:

October 15 / 2012

East Coast vs. West Coast: Best Places to Live for Social Seekers

A lot of sites have a list of the best places to live, but where one lives really depends on who one is. That’s either the cheesiest or deepest sentence I’ve ever written, but there’s truth to it.

Buying a home has always been more than just beds, baths and square feet. You want to live in a place that suits your lifestyle and that’s why the Coldwell Banker Best Places to Live series has focused on a variety of lifestyle-oriented categories to shed some light on unique towns that are perfect for particular groups.

Home Sweet Home: Halloween Candy Battle (Elite Eight)

In case you missed round one, we thought it would be fun to poll our readers  to find out what the ultimate Halloween candy is. The goal of this is to provide home owners with the need to know information on how to be the coolest house on the block for trick or treaters. In [...]

World’s First Floating Town

Glasgow, Scotland: World’s First Floating Village

October 11 / 2012

How To Get Nail Polish Off Wood Cloth and Carpet

When I was five years old I decided to give myself my first manicure…without my mom knowing…on her new white carpet…with red nail polish. Yes, you can guess how well that went. Needless to say my mom was horrified to find my messy polish crime scene which I thought I could fix by sprinkling baby [...]

October 10 / 2012

Homes for the 2012 MLB Playoffs

Ah, playoff baseball. A crisp in the night air and you break out your team hoodie or blanket as you head to the ballpark excited with anticipation for what the evening may hold. Or, as most of us will do, we’ll settle into our favorite seat on the couch with bag of chips in hand and enjoy the fall classic from the comfort of our homes.