Real Estate by the Numbers for November 2012

It’s time for my “behind the numbers” look at which examines some of what happened on the site in the last few weeks.

Homes from the Twilight Series

Say what you want about the vampire/werewolf teen romance global phenomenon that is Twilight, but one thing you can't argue is that these movies have produced some of the most interesting homes to...

Painting for a Home Sale

Making the proper impression is a major factor in attracting prospective home buyers and keeping their interest. One of the best ways to do that when selling a home is to repaint key areas of the...

Home for the Harvest

Our homes can represent who we are and what we love to do. And if you have a garden, homes can also reveal what we like to eat.

How to Deep Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey Safely

How to stay safe this holiday season when using a turkey fryer.

The Ultimate House According to Pinterest

What a dream home really looks like...according to Pinterest.
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