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The Many Homes of Bond…James Bond

The folks over at “Bond Lifestyle” do a great job of chronicling some of the most beautiful homes Bond has stayed at throughout his extensive travels. We wish we could visit all of them, but here are a few of our favorites:

How to Properly Store Foods in Your Home Refrigerator

What? You can’t just shove everything onto shelves in your refrigerator? As long as the door shuts, shouldn’t everything be ok? Well, evidently not.

November 08 / 2012
Author David Marine
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Read This Before Boiling Water to Heat Up Your Home

Many who are still without power and heat from Hurricane Sandy have been boiling water in pots on the stove to raise the temperature at home to stay warm. This may be an effective solution however there are serious dangers associated with this that are important to learn about.

November 07 / 2012

Sandy Aftermath: The Road To Recovery Starts with Community

In times of stress, including natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, we really get a glimpse of what a community is all about.

November 07 / 2012

How to Keep Your Home Remodeling Budget in Check

To avoid financial setbacks, individuals should familiarize themselves with the most common mistakes and the best ways to avoid them when remodeling their home.

November 07 / 2012

Home of the Week: A Jamaican Escape

I once heard a top luxury agent remark that to him the ideal place is whenever you can come home and still feel like you’re on vacation. This home in Hanover, Jamaica does just that.

How to Keep Your Bills Low This Winter

Learning to use utility resources sparingly to keep bills low can take time and practice. While homeowners are still figuring out how much heat and electricity they are truly expending, there are a few tricks first-time homeowners can use to keep their bills manageable.

November 06 / 2012

Real Estate Headlines for First Week of November

Goodbye October. Hello November. By now I’m guessing you’ve correctly set your clocks to observe daylight savings and if you’ve ventured out you’ve probably noticed holiday promotions are already setting in. While most of the Northeast still recovers from Superstorm Sandy, here are some real estate headlines to try and get back to a normal routine:

November 05 / 2012

Movember: Changing the Face of Men’s Health

Men are raising awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives by growing a moustache.

A Walk-In Closet That’s Not a Closet

Who wouldn’t love to have a walk-in closet? But of course some houses just aren’t outfitted with them. Now for $5,000 you can have a walk-in closet without it even being a closet. Check out this amazingly designed free-standing wardrobe from Hosun Ching.

November 03 / 2012
Author David Marine
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