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The Story of I’ll Be Home for Christmas and the Battleship North Carolina

Bing Crosby crooning the holiday classic, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, is a tune echoed through many a home this time of year. First released around Christmas in 1943, the song is written from the perspective of a soldier serving over seas during World War 2. While the melody is one that lingers in our minds, the meaning of the song is actually quite somber as the closing line reveals that being home for Christmas isn’t quite a reality just yet.

Home of the Week: A Seattle Sight on the Sound

The Pacific Northwest is home to many amazing things. Starbucks coffee. Pike Place Market. The space needle. But this amazing place listed by Patricia Wallace of Coldwell Banker Bain is more than just a tourist attraction as it’s a place you can officially call home.

How to Quickly Skip Those Annoying Previews on Your Home DVDs

I have 3 kids and an extended family with tons of kids so come the holidays when we feel that something is about to break in the house, it’s time to put on a DVD for the kids. But you know kids’ attention spans. If you don’t get that movie on in the first 60 seconds of them sitting down, you’ve lost them. Of course, those annoying trailers have to start, you hit the skip button on the remote but it doesn’t always let you skip right to the movie.

December 11 / 2012
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Real Estate Headlines for the Third Week in December

You may be at work today, but part of your mind is already thinking about presents, food and activities planned over the next few weeks. Or is it just me? In either case, we’ll try and keep you focused on what’s going on in real estate with this week’s headlines:

Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Fashionista

If Gucci, Louis and Coach are commonly dropped names by a certain someone on your holiday gift list, chances are you’re dealing with a fashionista. Sure it’s not a real word, but you know what I’m talking about.

December 07 / 2012

Jim Gillespie: Remembering His Second Sale

The ultimate goal for most of us is to find a job we enjoy in an industry we like. We want to make money and have a fair shot to advance and find success. We also want to feel like we are making a difference. The thousands of Coldwell Banker agents I have met over the last eight years while working in the brand’s corporate headquarters are no different.

December 06 / 2012

Previews Goes to Beacon Hill: Luxury Guide to Boston’s Most Historic Neighborhood

The cobblestone past of Boston’s Beacon Hill could practically be a history lesson in American high society. As one of the city’s oldest and most affluent neighborhoods, it was home to many of America’s first movers and shakers, including writers Louisa May Alcott and Robert Frost, artist John Singleton Copley, architect Charles Bulfinch and patriots and statesmen such as John Hancock, William Prescott and Henry Cabot Lodge

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

I will admit it. I’ve never hung lights on the outside of my home. I love how holiday lights look on homes across the neighborhood, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it so that it looks good on my own home. When I run into a problem like this, I turn to the oracle of problem solving: YouTube.

December 05 / 2012

Improve Your Chances of Winning in a Bidding War

When it comes to buying a home, most individuals hope to stake out their dream property and close on it quickly and without problems. However, when there is a high amount of interest for a single house, a bidding war might ensue.

December 05 / 2012

Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Animal Lover

Here at Coldwell Banker, we know that pets are an integral part of what makes a house a home. I’m better there’s at least one dog lover, cat person or owner of a hamster hotel on your holiday list this year so here are a few home gift ideas for the Animal Lover.

December 04 / 2012