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Finished Showering? Don’t You Dare Reach for that Towel!

Finished showering? Stay in your Warm Shower — but Don’t Reach for a Towel!

Slideshow: Homes for a Tournament Cinderella

Every year like clockwork when the clock strikes for the start of March Madness, a Cinderella emerges. Gonzaga used to be the belle of the basketball ball, but now they’re a #1 seed. A titan that must be taken down. So who are the new Cinderellas? Well I think there are a few we will here from this weekend. Below is a look at some incredible places that could very well play home to this year’s Cinderella. Here are five homes in the college towns we think are most likely to make a move for an upset.

How to Plan for an In-Law Suite

Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when planning your In-Law Suite

Home of the Week: A ‘Passive House’ for International Earth Day

To commemorate International Earth Day, our “Home of the Week” is a newly listed and certified “Passive House” that uses 10% of the energy a standard house does. In fact, at today’s energy costs, this “Passive Home” would net its owner a whopping $193,693 in energy savings over a 30 year period, and over $60K in savings over 10 years. Oh, and the home is beautiful too.

Slideshow: Homes from the World Baseball Classic Finalists

At the start of March, 16 teams from Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and North and South America began a quest for baseball supremacy in the third installment of the World Baseball Classic.

While Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic battle it out for the championship tonight, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite homes from the two Caribbean countries.

Five Things You Need to Know About Selling a Condo

Thinking of selling your condo? Whether you live in the condo or own it as an investment property, if you’re ready to sell your home, it’s time to talk to a qualified real estate agent in your area.

The Bates Motel Home: The Scariest Movie Home of all Time?

Few homes in movie history are as utterly scary and nightmare inducing as Norman Bates’ home in Alfred Hitchock’s ‘Pyscho’. Join us for a short tour of one of the scariest movie homes of all time!

2013 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

Let the madness begin. March Madness is here and brackets are being filled out across the country. This year the NCAA tournament is wide open as no school is a clear favorite. As you struggle with which 5 seed will lose to a 12, we wanted to share with your our annual Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability. Each year we will out the NCAA Tournament bracket using the median sales price of homes in the towns for each school that’s part of the tournament field.

Every Child Needs This In Their Room

There are two things that seem to terrify most children when they are alone in their room at night…”monsters” in the closet/under the bed and darkness. You can blame it on scary movies, TV shows and video games but this fear seems to set in way before children have exposure to any of these things. [...]