Home of the Week: A Futuristic Gem on Lake Tahoe

Our newest "Home of the Week" takes us on a trip out West to one of the most architecturally significant and unique properties in the country. The "Lake House" as it is referred to, is an ultra...

A Grown Up Way for Displaying Posters in Your Home

Remember the days of hanging up posters in your room? A Star Wars poster on your bedroom door perhaps? Maybe Michael Jordan in a tongue wagging pose over a cowering John Stockton? Or was it Donnie...

Home for Passover

One of the few Jewish holidays that doesn’t revolve around going to Temple and instead we participate in several traditional acts, songs, prayers and dinner at home.

Real Estate Headlines for the End of March

March is almost over and pretty soon you'll be thinking you need to start doing something about that lawn. While you recover from an overload of college basketball craziness from this weekend, here...

Finished Showering? Don’t You Dare Reach...

Finished showering? Stay in your Warm Shower — but Don’t Reach for a Towel!

The Coolest Way to Repair Carpet Furniture Dents

a super simple way to fix areas of crushed carpet
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