3 Items That Will Make Your Pool Even Cooler

Must have items for your pool.

Growing up I ALWAYS wanted a pool in my backyard. I was the type of kid who would want to stay in the pool long after my lips turned blue and my fingers turned wrinkley from the cold pool water. I even used to beg my parents to let me have a pool party for my birthday…only problem was my birthday is in February.

Luckily I have Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Phil who have always let me come over to take a dip, no matter what day or time it it. Their pool has become the go to spot in the summer for our family and I can see the joy it brings as they watch all of their nephews and nieces swim as they sit poolside with the rest of the family enjoying good food, cold drinks, and the warmth of the summer sun.

This summer, I am hoping to introduce the family to these awesome pool goodies and thought I should share with all of you.

iSplash Floating Speaker

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars mounting fancy speakers around your pool this summer, just throw in an iSplash Floating Speaker ($80) and call it a day.

Remote Control Snack and Drink Float


Presenting the ultimate butler for your pool ($39). Do you NEED this? No. Do you deserve it? Absolutely.

Motorized Bumper Boat with Water Canon

Forget water balloons. This is the ultimate way to have a water fight! These motorized bumper boats($140) may run on the expensive side but honestly, how can you put a price on fun?




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