It’s Shark Week people. In homes across the globe, people flock to their televisions to watch countless hours of what is probably everyone’s nightmare. While none of us hope to ever meet one in person, we’re all enamored with one of nature’s greatest predators.

Whether you’re a fan of the hammerhead, the bull shark, megalodon, or the classic great white shark, chances are your home doesn’t have the proper decor to get you ready for the true craziness that is Shark Week. Well look no further. I’ve scoured the web for you and found the best Shark Week inspired items to add some bite to your home’s design.

Felt Shark Laundry Hamper

 5 Shark Week Worthy Additions to Your Home

What makes you think of luxury more than felt? Ok, it’s not the ideal material for home design, but this is actually a pretty handy looking hamper.

Shark Attack Mug

shark attack mug 5 Shark Week Worthy Additions to Your Home

Nothing says “welcome to my home” like serving a hot cup of coffee with a mini Great White Shark at the bottom of it.

Shark Encounter Wall Design

shark wall 5 Shark Week Worthy Additions to Your Home

Take “swimming with the fishes” to a whole new level with this Shark Encounter wall unit. Find sweet dreams and continuous unrest as you try to fall asleep underneath the image of this aquatic killer.

Shark Pet Bed

shark pet bed 5 Shark Week Worthy Additions to Your Home

Let your pet experience the wonder of sleeping in the belly of a shark. Now it will know what those unsuspecting seals feel like…sort of.

Backyard Shark Water Park

shark water park 5 Shark Week Worthy Additions to Your Home

Your backyard will easily be the envy of the neighborhood. This inflatable water park needs not further explanation other than to say…awesome.


Header image courtesy of Flickr user USFWS Headquarters