8 Tips for Enjoying a Snow Day at Home

Snow Day! It may be the single greatest thing to ever happen to a kid.

Snow Day!  It may be the single greatest thing to ever happen to a kid.   Thursday night in the Northeast, anticipation was running high.  Kids peered out windows hoping the high winds and frigid air would allow the blinding snow to stick.

I remember being a kid when the local radio stations were the only way we learned about school closings. We had WRAN in Randolph, NJ.  Wrapped warm in bed, I would be up at 4 a.m. listening to the school closing reports every 15 minutes.  It was alphabetical order and I was so jealous that the kids in Arlington always knew first.  I’d pray, “please, please, please say Randolph Township schools are closed.” Hour after hour I would listen. When they finally said it, pure jubilation ensued no matter the hour!

Times have changed.  Now kids will watch the Weather Channel with their parents, put on their pajamas backwards and inside out for good luck and pray that the phone rings, or texts arrive, with the announcement. When it comes, just like the old days, pure jubilation ensues no matter the hour.

My Son Michael


Here are some tips on how to enjoy a snow day at home:

1). Use your “rainy day” or “snowy day” fund to treat yourselves and the kids with supermarket treats bought the day before.  I bought five different types of cereal because we already had three different ice cream choices at home.  Extra chips and cookies?  Of course!

2)  Know you will be up at least five times on snow day eve as your kids – or you – keep checking outside to see if it is still snowing. Bedrooms become houses of worship with so many saying silent “let it snow” prayers.

3).  Sleeping in probably won’t happen. The kids are too excited and your body clock didn’t get the memo

4).  Be prepared that your kids – and you – might not shower or get out of your PJs

5). Kid meltdowns will likely occur as excitement turns to cabin fever because they didn’t want to stop playing video games to get outside

6). Because you probably will have to work from home, find a great hiding spot where you can connect to your WiFi but your kids can’t find you

7).  Snow days are a great time to send your kid’s teachers a “thank you” email since you spent the day wondering how they control 20 or so kids, while you can’t handle you own during a simple snow day.

8)  Pray that the snow stops, the roads become passable and school opens again!

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