Articles by Alexandra Filiaci

5 Things You Need to Know Before DIY-ing A Home...

Don't plan to tackle a home project DIY style until you read these tips from someone who has had a lifetime of experience!

Home Tip of the Day: How to Have the Perfect Date...

We're sharing everything you need to have a perfect Valentine's Day date night at home!

Thanks to Petcube, You Can Now...

Pet parents everywhere, this one's for you.

Peloton Is the End Of Your Workout Excuses

Your schedule, your preferences, your personalized, at-home workout - meet Peloton.

How to Clean Your Blinds and Curtains

Maintain your blinds & curtains to keep them looking like new with these tips from!

Sengled’s New “Element” Bulbs...

Meet Sengled's Element, the first carbon-neutral light bulb.
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