Articles by David Marine

Real Estate Headlines with Tom Brady, Portugal...

Other headlines include risks real estate investors take, national recycling day and how your mind should be on your gutters.

An Unexpected Return Home: One Veteran’s Story

How nothing else matters when you finally make it home.

Real Estate Headlines featuring Iggy Azalea,...

Other headlines include how long it takes to save for a down payment, a buyer's market in London and when to sell.

The Most Expensive Home for Sale in the United...

Step inside this incredible 25-acre gated Mediterranean compound in Beverly Hills with its own vineyard.

Real Estate Headlines featuring Marilyn Monroe,...

Other headlines include why your lender should be local, luxury home sales and why you shouldn't be a FSBO.

Real Estate Headlines: Halloween Week Edition

Featuring stories inspired by Buffy, Supernatural, Vlad the Impaler and the most frightening rooms in the world.
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