Articles by David Marine

Royals or Giants: A Real Estate Dilemma for the...

We look at how home and real estate can play a role in deciding the winner of the World Series.

Real Estate Headlines with Lady Gaga, WikiHouse...

Other headlines include drool-worth glass houses, where it's cheaper to buy than rent and Motley Fool stating the obvious.

25 Thoughts Homeowners Have During Fall

What better way to express thoughts of autumn than through animated gifs?

5 Essential Pumpkin Items for Your Home

From candles to desserts to decor, it's pumpkin's world and we're just living in it.

Real Estate Headlines with Awesometown, the Best...

Other headlines include free rent in NYC, what if interest rates go up and some radical examples of insane homes.

How to Maintain Your Lawn in the Fall

Any landscaping aficionado knows fall is a prime time to prep your lawn for spring.
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