Articles by David Marine

Where Did Home of the Week Go?

Looking for our weekly Home of the Week video series? It's still around. Just changed its address.

Real Estate Headlines with Presidents, Night...

Other headlines include the chance to buy an 18th century settlement, interest rates that don't impact mortgage rates and sale of Robin Williams' estate.

Real Estate Headlines with Mike Tyson, Zoolander...

Other headlines include Super Bowl 50's effect on rentals, a city more expensive than NYC and amazing basements.

4 Affordable Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are no longer luxury items and some are even under $100.

Beyond Wearables: Health and Fitness Devices at...

Health improvement devices are no longer just for your wrist, but will soon become a common element in your home.

Smart Home Meets Child’s Play at CES

Smart home tech isn't just for the adults. A few companies are looking at how kids can get in the action.
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