Articles by Gustavo Gonzalez

Home Alone Turns 25! Revisit the Famous Home

Many of the most memorable moments in Home Alone took place inside the McCallister home. Join us for a trip down memory lane as we explore one of America's most famous homes and look at a few homes...

Guest Room Ideas for Thanksgiving

With the holidays quickly approaching, here are some quick ways you can get your spare bedroom in shape for the family and friends you'll have staying over this season.

Home of the Week: HLR Edition

With the launch of the 2015 Home Listing Report, our latest episode takes a look at four beautiful homes in four different markets to see how they stack up against each other.

4 Homes That Should Be in the New James Bond Movie

With the new James Bond movie hitting theaters tomorrow, we take a look at 4 homes that should have have been in it! Let's take a look at these dashing homes in countries where filming actually took...

Home of the Week: Waterfront Living in Miami Beach

This extensively expanded and remodeled 1937 estate features the latest in smart home technology, 175' of direct waterfront access and views that will inspire and take your breath away. Join us for a...

Buying Abroad: France

France offers something for everybody. Untouched countryside for nature lovers, an abundance of mountains for the adventurous, vibrant Parisian night-life for the jet-set, and vintage wines and haute...
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