Articles by Lindsay Listanski

How to Prepare Your Home for New Pets 101

Guest Post by HomeAdvisor  Congratulations! You’re considering getting a pet, or you’re about to bring a new furry friend home to join the family. This is an exciting moment. Of course, it also...

A Win Win Strategy for Decorating Your...

There are several options and strategies available to parents that will allow them to avoid outrageous patterns, wall colors or fabrics while still striking a happy balance with their children.

9 Unique Ways to Store Things in Plain Sight

Focus on putting your things out of the way instead of away.

How to Personalize Your Home Decor by Shopping on...

Fabulous finds for your home under $50 from Etsy.

4 Genius Bathroom Hacks to Save You Thousands

Go ahead and treat yourself to some new plush towels with all that money you are about to save!
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