Articles by Victoria Keichinger

Take a Great Shelfie: 16 Creative Shelving Designs

These storage and display ideas veer from the straight and narrow and into the realm of room-transforming.

10 Best College Towns to Call Home

From Boulder, CO home to the University of Colorado to Gainesville, FL home of the University of Florida, there's good reason to call these university towns home away from home.

Book a One Way Ticket to these 14 Vacation...

These homes in some of the world's top vacation destinations are so alluring, we suggest only booking a one way ticket. You know, just in case.

2020 Olympic Games: 10 Homes with Built-in...

With new events like surfing, karate and climbing being added to the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, these homes would be the perfect spot to live the life of a future gold medalist.

9 Tips for Living a (Semi-)Normal Life While Your...

Preparation, routine and treats help you make the house you’re selling presentable at a moment’s notice

Green Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool in the...

It’s easier to keep cool when you use a few passive-cooling tips. Greener is cooler when you open a window!
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