The Coldwell Banker Real Estate video series World’s Most Expensive Homes has primarily taken us to bright and sunny locales, so for this episode in Aspen we experience a number of different elements as we explored this incredible property called Jigsaw Ranch.

The video above will highlight even more of the incredible features of this amazing estate that wouldn’t fit into the feature video, but I wanted to take the chance to share a little bit of what went into creating this video.

aspen3 Behind the Scenes of the Worlds Most Expensive Homes: Aspen Edition

You may have noticed that for this episode we have a new host, Christina Collard. Christina is originally from Australia and was a great addition to the video. She also introduced me to the finer points of Australian rules football which I will forever be indebted to her for.

Brian Hazen, who is the listing agent for Jigsaw Ranch with Coldwell Baner Mason Morse, was a pleasure to work with as well. He and I are both total sports nuts so in between takes you would often find us chatting about how we would run NFL teams and the current state of college basketball. At one point Christina mentioned that she didn’t know if I could talk about anything other than sports. She’s pretty much right.

aspen5 Behind the Scenes of the Worlds Most Expensive Homes: Aspen Edition

But let’s get into some of the unknown details of the home. First off there are absolutely no shoes allowed. Much like mother taught me all shoes have to come off as soon as you enter. Since the property is completely surrounded by snow for most of the year, this rule #1 allows for the already immaculate home to stay that way.

aspen1 Behind the Scenes of the Worlds Most Expensive Homes: Aspen Edition

My favorite feature of the home is the incredible view from every single room. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the master bedroom, the kids room, the laundry room or the kitchen. Every room has majestic views of the Rocky Mountains. A lot of times these luxury homes can feel a bit cold and almost like a museum. Not Jigsaw Ranch. The owners did an incredible job of making a sprawling property feel very livable and intimate.

aspen2 Behind the Scenes of the Worlds Most Expensive Homes: Aspen Edition

The best room for me was the study. From the desk to the bookshelf to the fireplace to the view, I just fell in love with this space. I could have spent hours there whether I was getting work done or not.

One feature of the home that I completely forgot to take a picture of and include in the video is the refrigerator. I’m telling you this was the biggest fridge you’ve ever seen. Had to be like 6 plus feet wide and could have housed 10 Thanksgiving turkeys. And there wasn’t just one, but two that size! Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

So enjoy the behind the scenes video of Jigsaw Ranch above or if you haven’t seen the feature video be sure to check it out on the Coldwell Banker On Location YouTube channel as well as the first episode of World’s Most Expensive Homes featuring the Versace mansion.

Want to guess where we’re headed next? Go ahead and take a guess in the comments. We’ll let you know in a future post.