The Best New Luxury Design Showroom in Manhattan

Michael Dawkins new luxury interior shop on the Upper West Side is NYC’s latest interior design destination.

The following is a guest blog post from interior designer, Brian del Toro.

When starting a project with a new client and budget is an issue, clients begin to show me things they like from catalogs and websites. But everyone is looking at the same sites and catalogs, so it makes it hard to find unique pieces that can really set your room apart. This is why I was so happy to find a new favorite resource for stylish, affordable items that don’t look like they came from page 5 of “you-know-that-catalog.”

Michael Dawkin’s new showroom on east 59th street is the new gem in New York’s Upper East Side design district. Mr. Dawkins, who for many years has been known for his jewelry designs, opened an interior shop in Miami seven years ago. His exciting new shop, here in New York had its grand opening in January.

A chic, limited palate in white, black and beige allows one to take in all the details of the furniture from Italian and American sources, as well as one of a kind pieces, accessories, and art work, without distraction.

There is an unmistakable nod to classic items, as well as much more gallery-like, unique pieces that allow for a an interior with a not-your-cookie-cutter look. Upholstery can be custom ordered and many items are in stock or have short lead times.

Some of my favorite items include the “Cain Chair” which is made of indoor/outdoor materials, so it works equally well on a covered porch, around a pool, or even as a stylish accent piece in an interior space and is priced at $2,125

MD rug

The shop has some wonderful rugs, always a necessity for starting a stylish room, and difficult to find when one is trying not be break the bank and still keep your chic quota up. Their “Chris Cross Rug” at 16’x16′ which is $15,500 is a room size rug in a graphic lattice pattern. The soft, aged quality of its black and white stitched fabrics are a perfect quality to offset the more ridged quality of the pattern, making it the perfect starting point in a room. It would be beautiful to add color in ones furnishings sitting on this rug, to make, for example, and black white and baby blue living room.


The “Spin Table” with a black oak top and blackened steel base is useful, perfectly sized table. We all love a round dining table, but if they are too big, your guests will feel too estranged from the person seated across from them. I’d love to see this table used as in a semi-formal dining room with either antique or contemporary chairs around it. It is $7,500.


MD tray

Accessories are terribly hard to find, and trays, which I find incredibly useful are even more so. One of my favorite they offer is made of nickel and a very heavy acrylic. Aside from their many uses in entertaining and serving, I love to use trays on top of upholstered ottomans when coffee tables, so along with being able to put ones feet up, you have a place to put your cocktail. In the very useful 31.5″x 19.5″ size it is $1,935!

I’m pleased to have Michael Dawkins new shop in my list of go to stops! This shop allows one to choose a variety of stylish, contemporary pieces that are not out of the box, nor do the break the bank. There are pieces here that have a variety of uses, from a sophisticated apartment in the city to a update casual beach house. Mr. Dawkins shop is a wonderful alternative to all the sources out there which are readily recognizable, and will give an interior a one of kind look.


Started in 2010, Brian del Toro INC is a small interior design firms that offers design services ranging from decoration, renovations and architectural design, all focused on creating classic, livable, friendly spaces. The firm specializes in personalized service, specifically tailored to each project, allowing clients to achieve interiors that are reflection of them and their lifestyles, in a stylish, comfortable way.

Brian has over 20 years of experience working on projects of all scopes and sizes, and has worked with some of the most venerable firms of the 20th century including, Parish-Hadley, David Kleinberg Design Associates, and Bunny Williams Inc. Brian’s website is


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