It’s just a home made of bricks. Bricks of love.

Those are the final words of what is possibly my favorite video in the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival. Aptly named Bricks of Love, Indian filmmaker, Srivatsa Jonnabhatla, didn’t have to venture far from home for inspiration on this story.

Srivatsa Jonnabhatla remarked that the central character for this film was family:

I am always inspired to show why culture is so important. How it makes you identify the good and bad. Whenever I see my cousin and sister (Raghava and Rukmini from video), it makes me feel happy because he preserves the traditions by not missing any festivals at home. That motivated me to make a film on his new home, he built to enhance the joy of those traditional festivals.

A father’s desire to provide something better for his child is a concept I know I can relate to, and creating a home where traditions and family can be nurtured and grow is one of the greatest gifts a father can provide a child.

Take a look at the amazing film, Bricks of Love, at as well as the other videos that are part of the first ever Coldwell Banker International Film Festival.