Buying a Vacation Home in Jacksonville? Things to Consider

Avoid crowded south Florida with a vacation home in Jacksonville. With mild winters, uncrowded beaches and championship golf, a vacation home in Jacksonville makes sense. Here are some things to consider when buying a vacation home in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville is quietly becoming one of the best places to live and play in the Southeast. With moderate winter weather, professional sports teams, uncrowded beaches, and championship-caliber golf, Florida’s First Coast should be on your list of possible vacation home locations. If you’re considering buying a vacation home in Jacksonville, here are some things to consider about the area. 

Oceanfront or Riverfront?

Do you want to live on the ocean, or would you prefer to live on an inland waterway? Jacksonville has hundreds of square miles of oceanfront and riverfront property available. In some cases, can potentially live on a golf course that happens to be along the ocean or river — a major benefit for people who love both the waterway and the greenway.

Resort Living, or a Cozy Home?

Easy access to an abundance of amenities can make your vacation home more than just a house or condominium. Access to resort beach clubs, social groups, championship golf, or high-end tennis facilities are just some of the advantages of resort living. However, these amenities come at a price. Home and condominium prices in areas such as this tend to be high-priced. The home value will appreciate over time, but paying for it now is a big question.

In addition to the expense of living in a resort-style area, there are most likely deed restrictions that will limit what you can and can’t do with your home or condominium. If strict rule-following is not part of your DNA, consider a simple beach cottage or quiet place on the river.

Can You Afford to Insure Your Vacation Home?

It is no secret that Florida has some of the most expensive insurance rates in the country, thanks to more than a decade of catastrophic hurricanes that have pummeled Florida. Insurance carriers leave the state regularly, and the company that currently carries your homeowners or auto insurance elsewhere might not agree to write a policy on a second home in Florida. As a result, you will be forced to find another insurance carrier or — if you select a home on the ocean — be stuck with Florida’s insurer of last resort, Citizens Property Insurance Corp. 

Top-quality Healthcare

Jacksonville is the home to one of the world’s most renowned medical centers — the Mayo Clinic. With state-of-the-art facilities and the world’s leading researchers and physicians, the best healthcare in the area is right around the corner.  

These are just a few of the things to consider when buying a vacation home in the Jacksonville area. A wide variety of opportunities is available, ranging from oceanfront cottages to riverfront condominiums and everything in between. If you’re looking to escape crowded cities and arctic temperatures, check out the Jacksonville area for your vacation home.

Photo Source: MorgueFile