5 Homes Under Half a Million Dollars

While the true value of a home is not made up of dollars and cents, these 5 affordable homes are all available for under $500,000.

Cheers to 5 Home Bars That Give New Meaning to...

Straight up. Shaken. With a twist. How ever you take your libations, these 5 home bars are sure to fit your taste.

Buying Abroad: Berlin

Berlin is often referred to as the "Capital of Cool" - and for good reason. Find out what makes this great European city so hip and an attractive place to buy a primary residence or vacation home.

Why the Suburbs are Big Again

An interesting trend is the recent exodus from the city centers back to the places where a small parcel of land has always been a reward for years at the daily grind. Though this time, the suburbs...

Creating a Rustic and Reclaimed Living Room

Incorporating these design elements into your living room will make it feel warm & cozy - just in time for fall!

A Letter to my Future Home

Here's to all those who dream of owning their own home one day.
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