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When Should I Get My Mortgage Pre-Approval?

Thinking about buying a home? Your first step should be getting a mortgage pre-approval.

Best Homecomings in Movie History: Wizard of Oz

We should take a moment to appreciate Dorothy’s “homecoming” and revelation that there is no place like home and apply it to our own lives.

7 Home and Office Technology Trends from the Movie ‘Her’

Take a look at 7 interesting home and office technology trends from the Academy Award nominated film, ‘Her’

Would You Date Someone Who Lives with Their Parents?

Today’s dating habits are evolving as living with your parents is becoming the norm

There is No Place Like Dome

The house is a custom built and designed Geodesic Dome. It was almost entirely built – start to finish – by the current homeowner…

Is This the Best Community Video of the Year?

Gotta hand it to the Fung Bros for what might be the most original community video I’ve come across. Set to the tune of Thrift Shop this video gives you an inside look at the area of Garvey, Valley, Main, Huntington in the greater Los Angeles area.

February 07 / 2014

99 Years Old and Still Selling Homes

At 99 years old, Stewart Wade has quite the life experience under his belt. Currently a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties in Hawaii, he’s previously served in the military, worked at the American Rubber Company and Purina and even started his own orchard nursery and florist. Still, Stewart has no plans for retirement because he says he’s having “too much fun!”

February 06 / 2014

Working From Home Sweet Home

With an exceptionally cold winter and bouts of extreme weather (thank you, Polar Vortex), I have now found myself stranded at home twice, unable to take mass transit to my office. As a commuter from New Jersey, getting to New York in the morning can already be tough; traffic is brutal in the early hours, and accidents on the road are unfortunately too common. Adding inclement weather, as you may guess, does not make it any easier. And while this may seem like an inconvenience, it’s a great excuse to stay in my pajamas and work peacefully from home certain days.

February 05 / 2014
Author David Marine
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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Floor for Your Home

Countless Coldwell Banker real estate agents will cite flooring as an easy – and often inexpensive – update home sellers can make to increase the value of their home.

8 Things Your Home Needs to Survive the Winter Vortex

Today the Northeast is getting piled on yet again with another snowstorm. While those who call LA home have no idea what I’m speaking about, many of us have experienced the wrath of the Winter Vortex this year.

February 03 / 2014
Author David Marine
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