Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage in the...

This October some of our Home Field Advantage players won't mind that they're going to be away from home.

Halloween at Home: A Look Back

The writers for the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog share some of their favorite Halloween memories of home.

7 Reasons to be Happy It’s Fall

From beautiful scenery to pumpkin flavored treats, here's 7 reasons we're looking forward to fall!

The New Mortgage Rules: Texans, Saddle Up for...

New mortgage rules go into effect October 3, 2015. Find out how they effect you and how you can best be prepared before you go looking for a new home.

How Giving a Dog a Home Forever Changed a...

The amazing story of Owen and Haatchi.

How to Close Your Housing Deal Like a Pro

Follow these strategic tips to negotiate home buying and selling like an expert
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