What Agents Want You to Know About Smart Homes

At last week’s Gen Blue conference, Coldwell Banker agents Danny Hertzberg and Angel Piontek took the mainstage to tell us what we need to know about buying and selling smart homes.

Breaking Down the Smart Home Staging Kit

This year’s Gen Blue conference brought Coldwell Banker to Miami – and, of course, we brought the Smart Home Staging Kit with us.

A Smarter Way to Sleep

Tech to help you get a smart night sleep so you can be well rested and stay healthy.

The Smartest Home is in Louisville, KY

We talk with the brains behind the CNET Smart Home to find out what's next in smart home tech.

3 Bright Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room

For a room refresh that will give your living room an even brighter change, consider upgrading your lighting.

110 Years of Smart Home Technology: 1950-2016

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to reminisce about some of the greatest innovations in home technology over the past 110 years....
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