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5 Tips for Successful Grilling in Chilly Weather

Five tips for successful winter grilling

November 06 / 2013

Things to Consider When Baby Proofing Your Home

Expectant parents take on a variety of tasks to get ready for the new addition to their family. From decorating the nursery to purchasing age-appropriate toys, most couples plan down to the very last detail. For this reason, baby proofing a home can be a stressful ordeal for new parents, but with the proper checklist [...]

October 02 / 2013

The Best Way to Catch Spiders in Your House

The best way to catch a spider without hurting it.

August 21 / 2013

Toxic Substances Found in Houses

The different types of toxic substances found in houses

How to Throw a Block Party

What you need to know about planning a block party.

Top Remodeling Projects for Homeowners

For homeowners looking for new and affordable home ideas, consider some of the top remodeling projects to dress up a new property.

Be Aware of Common Home Dangers

Several actions homeowners can take to reduce the most prevalent, but ignored, dangers to their houses.

The Results are in: “I Wish My Home Had a_____”

We want to thank all of our great Twitter followers who responded to our question, “I Wish My Home Had A_______.” The amount of feedback was astounding and the responses were quite interesting.

July 19 / 2013
Author Ariel Williams
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Tips to Child Proof Your House

Effective and affordable child-proof items new parents can purchase to keep their child protected as he or she grows and begins exploring different areas of the home.