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Can You Guess the Top 10 Cities Americans Move To and From?

The team at NorthStar Moving recently compiled the Top Ten Cities Americans Move To and Top Ten Cities Americans Move From.

Spring is Here. So What Do You Need to Know About Latest Housing Numbers?

It’s officially spring and while the temperatures hesitantly begin climbing upward, I can without a doubt say that I’m ready to ditch the bitter cold and snow for sunshine and May flowers. With springtime, also comes a sense of renewal and beginning as we sweep out the old and look forward to the new. It’s no wonder so many people begin looking to buy homes during this time of year. The recently released February existing-home sales report from the National Association of Realtors reflects this trend as we head into spring.

March 21 / 2014
Author David Marine
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What You Need to Know about the January Housing Numbers

The Northeast and Midwest have continued to battle snow and ice, leaving many of us wondering why we live here and not in the tropics of Florida, Hawaii or Southern California. As a New York City resident myself, I can attest that this has been the second-snowiest February in New York history. Alas, #polarvortex and #paxstorm are not so distant memories and winter is still among us for at least a few more weeks. We turned to the National Association of Realtors for its January existing-home sales report to get a pulse on the Northeast and other regions of the country.

February 21 / 2014

What You Need to Know From the Latest National Housing Report

Buying or selling a home is obviously one of the most exciting, challenging and emotional things any of us will ever be lucky enough to do. While the majority of us make the decision to buy or sell based on a lifestyle needs, it would be naïve to think we don’t lay awake at night throughout the process wondering and worrying about the financials. That’s why it is valuable to look at the monthly Existing Homes Sales report issued by the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

January 23 / 2014

And America’s Most Affordable Place to Live Is…

Have you ever wondered what your home might be worth if it was located in another city or state? Then you will definitely enjoy using our home value estimator tool we created for our annual Home Listing Report. This annual report does an “apples to apples” comparison of four bedroom, two bathrooms homes in 1,900+ [...]

Malibu Tops List of Most Expensive Markets in Latest Home Listing Report

Coldwell Banker home value estimator tool that will allow you to compare the market value of your home with other real estate markets in the HLR by running a customized report

How is the Real Estate Market?

I like to joke that I started my career in real estate as a 12-year-old when my dad hired me to do odd jobs at his Huskey Realty in Orlando. While mowing the lawn and taking out the trash clearly isn’t “real” real estate, I got a chance to learn about the business from my dad and his agents at a very early age. The lessons learned in those formative years about customer relationships and the role of the Realtor as a trusted advisor remain with me to this day.

2012 Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report

The 2012 Home Listing Report ranking America’s most expensive and affordable cities is now available.

Real Estate by the Numbers for November 2012

It’s time for my “behind the numbers” look at which examines some of what happened on the site in the last few weeks.

Real Estate by the Numbers for October 2012

This month, our “By the Numbers” update for continues to tap into the pulse of the national market to see what local insights and consumer trends have unfolded across the different regions of the U.S.