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Grand Rapids Michigan is the Comeback Kid

Don’t we all love an underdog? From Rocky to the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team to Butler in recent editions of March Madness. But in real estate, allow this to be the third installment of our love affair with the “comeback kid” – Grand Rapids, Michigan.

May 24 / 2012

The Great American Comeback of Grand Rapids Michigan

Remember back in June when Newsweek declared that Grand Rapids was a dying city? Remember when they fought back with an incredible video that showcased the vibrancy of the city and its people? Well this Rocky-esque story is continuing! Grand Rapids is an underdog that continues to show resiliency!

August 15 / 2011

The Problem with National Real Estate Reports

This weekend I enjoyed some time down the Shore. Not the Snooki or Situation Shore, but the real Jersey Shore. Yup in New Jersey that’s what we call going to a beach at the ocean. With three young boys, my wife and I enoyed a long weekend at my parents home in Wildwood Crest which is near Cape May, the most southern point of the state. While my mom and dad are enjoying their grandchildren, I got caught up on relaxing and some reading. I grabbed USA Today the other morning and saw that AARP came out with a list of their most affordable places to retire.

July 26 / 2011

Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report – Our Look at Housing Markets

REAL ESTATE IS LOCAL! So when Coldwell Banker issued our annual Home Listing Report (HLR), we kept that in mind. The HLR is a snapshot of more than 2,300 local real estate markets in North America (nearly 10 times more markets than last year), and it provides the average home listing price for four-bedroom, two-bath properties that appeared on over a six month period of time.

Hey Case-Shiller It’s Not the End of the Real Estate World

So many of us giggled nervously as we thankfully avoided the end of the world a couple of weeks ago. But judging by the continued “end of the world” type coverage the Case-Shiller housing study got this week, maybe we are nearing the end. Yes. I am joking, but I am amazed at the attention [...]

June 02 / 2011

A Look at the 2011 Real Estate Market

Coldwell Banker CEO, Jim Gillespie, was interviewed on Fox News yesterday to talk about the state of the current real estate market.

February 24 / 2011
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State By State Housing Market Infographic

Real Estate is local and prices differ from market to market. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see home prices and data across markets in one place on a handy dandy map? Yeah, that’d be nice so we thought we’d create one. Click on the map below to launch an interactive infographic to check [...]

February 07 / 2011

College Football Rankings By Home Price (INFOGRAPHIC)

This is a fantastic infographic for this time of year. Based on the 2010 Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report the following infographic takes a look at how some of the top college football towns rate based on average listing price and other demographic stats.

November 16 / 2010

Coldwell Banker Ranks College Town Affordability

Today, Coldwell Banker explores these great towns with the Coldwell Banker College Home Listing Report. We rank the affordability levels of the markets that are home to the 120 Football Bowl Subdivision schools.

Home Prices in the US Infographic

Infographics are all the rage these days so we thought it was time that real estate jumped into the infographic game. Based on the recently released Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report, the following infographic to highlight some of the unique aspects of the housing market across the United States.

October 07 / 2010