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My Take on the February Report from the National Association of Realtors

Today, the National Association of Realtors released its monthly report for February on the housing market.  I was really encouraged reading through it.  Yes, existing home sales dropped slightly (by just .06 percent), but we have to remember what was going on during this time – snow, snow and more snow!  I know that I [...]

March 24 / 2010

Trend for 2010: Multi-Generational Homes

As reported in Reuters and many other news outlets, we surveyed Coldwell Banker real estate agents across the country and found that 37 percent have seen more families looking for homes that can accommodate multiple generations.

A March Madness Look at College Towns

I’m on my way this week to Louisville and Knoxville for two major Coldwell Banker regional events.  I must admit that as a huge college basketball fan, my trips to these two great places is tinged with sadness.  Because Louisville and Tennessee are in the NCAA Tournament, I’m sure I’ll be met by a full [...]

March 17 / 2010

A Blizzard and an Existing Home Sales Report

What a welcome home.  Yesterday, I was scheduled to fly directly into Newark Airport from Jacksonville.  But because of the snow in the Northeast, I changed my plans and flew into DC instead and took a train to Newark instead.  My wife kept telling me that we were getting hit hard, but it’s been a [...]

February 26 / 2010