Choosing the Ideal Outdoor Patio Furniture

When picking outside patio furniture, you want it to be fabulous and functional, especially with the weather extremes we have here in Dallas. While Dallas is known for its hot Texas sun, this can change in a minute.

“Don’t worry, it’ll change soon,” people often say about the weather in Texas. While Dallas is known for its hot Texas sun, this can change in a minute, making the choice of outdoor patio furniture an adventure in creativity.

While you can go inside and adjust the settings on the thermostat, your outdoor patio furniture is left outside year round to fend for itself. If you don’t want to replace your patio furniture for every season you experience here, you need to do some research if you are to combine the fabulous with the functional. By following a few guidelines, your patio can be the place to be right now and still look great in the years to come.

The Furniture

Luckily, in today’s marketplace, you can find a style you like and still be able to pick materials that can handle Dallas extremes. Given the cost of some outdoor patio furniture, it’s important to pick something that both fits your taste and will endure.

You have several choices of materials for your furniture, from plastic to wood or iron. Resin, a cheaper type of plastic, tends to be a popular choice. It has fashion value, and it can be molded to resemble wicker or wood. It is also appropriate for the region, as it is weather-resistant and remains cool to the touch during the summer heat. Anyone who has sat on an iron patio chair knows about burning themselves on the edges in July and August!

There one downside to resin; it is a manufactured material, which means chemicals are used in its composition. If you are looking for something more environmentally friendly, wood is the way to go. Iron, on the other hand, tends to last longer and is less affected by wind due its weight, but it’s hot to the touch during the summer and doesn’t weather the rain quite as well, making rust and corrosion a problem.

The Style

Since Dallas residents use outdoor living for entertaining and relaxing, your patio furniture should make you and your guests are comfortable. Make sure the chairs are a good height and weight, the cushions fit well, and there is enough padding. For practicality, an umbrella or cover for the patio area for shade in the summer months is recommended. However, make sure it can withstand some good old Texas wind.

While picking a frame for your outdoor patio furniture is probably the biggest decision you have to make, the decorating is definitely the most fun! Many colors choices are available. When shopping for accessories such as pillows, look for materials that are treated, or can be treated, with water and stain repellent.

In true Dallas fashion, your patio design can be an extension of your home. When your outdoor patio furniture has style and substance, you will be ready to welcome in the summer with a barbecue and a pool party.

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    my ideal type of patio is simple. a wooden furniture with a floral small pillows will do and a small table.

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