Coldwell Banker Launches First Real Estate iAd

oldwell Banker has worked with Apple to develop the first ever iAd from a real estate brand. Not only that, but Coldwell Banker is the first of only a handful of brands to be part of the launch of iAd for the iPad, and we’re the first brand to ever have a full page iAd that can be seen within certain digital versions of magazines for the iPad.

You might be asking yourself, “What’s an iAd?” Well, for anyone that owns an iPhone or an iPad, it’s an interactive advertising unit within an app that does more than just send you to a website. It offers you an unique experience right within the app. Oh and by the way, Apple is the only one that builds them.

Coldwell Banker has announced that it is the first real estate brand to launch an iAd for iPad, the latest expansion of Apple’s revolutionary new mobile advertising platform.  Not only that, but Coldwell Banker is the first of only a handful of brands to be part of the launch of iAd for the iPad, and we’re the first brand to ever feature a full screen iAd banner.

By all accounts iPad is on its way to being the most quickly adopted piece of technology of all time. It’s where consumers are turning not just for entertainment, but to search, read and browse online.  Coldwell Banker created its iAd for iPad to spark  consumers’ imaginations and help them design their perfect neighborhood, and to encourage them to act on starting their home buying search by downloading the new Coldwell Banker iPad app.  The app enables users to view Coldwell Banker ‘On Location’ videos on the iPad’s big, beautiful display, and search for property listings, agents and local Coldwell Banker offices.

demo video of the Coldwell Banker iAd for iPad is embedded below and you can find the iAd within some of the iPad’s most popular apps. Already our iAd is showing some amazing results with consumers engaging with the ad for minutes at a time (when’s the last time you played with an online ad for more than 5 seconds?).

In any case, we’re excited about the iAd for iPad and we’ll be rolling out an iAd for iPhone as well in just a few weeks. Here’s the demo video of the Coldwell Banker iAd for iPad


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David Marine is the Vice President of Brand Engagement for Coldwell Banker where he oversees the brand’s content strategy including acting as managing editor for the Coldwell Banker blog and heading up video production efforts. While Vice President by day, David runs a three ring circus at night as he is the father of 4 boys. He also happens to be married to Wonder Woman. True story.

  • @KelownaRealEst8

    Love it! So proud to be a part of such a forward thinking company!

  • @RltrRochelle

    Congrats CB! But of course I knew we would be the first yet again!!!

  • jose

    who the F*#K cares about creating your own home focus on finding your home losers!!!

  • Ben

    Very interesting concept using the ipad, but will this app also build you your ideal town or city in reality? or maybe even in 2nd life if that still exists… Keep up the great technology implementation and looking forward to seeing what new and innovative concepts you have in the future. Regards, Ben

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  • Abe Deutsch

    Just the other day we had a discussion in my office about how fast technology was changing.
    I am glad to see that Coldwell Banker is doing it's part in participating with these changes.
    What a great aid for those buying, selling & SELLING Real Estate.

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  • RedTigerChris

    Very slick ad, and I'm not surprised at the level of engagement you're seeing because it's fairly common for iAds. Maybe Apple will open up iAds to the larger business audience (i.e. make them less expensive).

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  • Bonnie Clark

    Now I hope they do one for the Galaxy Tab!!!!