As we learned last week, there are a vast number of misconceptions in the world that have for some reason become accepted as valid truths! So with the help of Funny or Die and Canadian funnyman Alan Thicke, we attempted to chisel away at a few of these puzzling myths with the launch of The Truth! series.

The first episode of The Truth! shocked the world when it was revealed that bulls are not driven to uncontrollable fits of rage and anger by the color red (surprising I know). Today we continue in our quest to uncover The Truth! by launching the second episode in the series on

The second installment of the series shifts our focus back to the 18th century and to the very start of our nation, with a look at one of America’s founding fathers George Washington. There are many myths that surround our nation’s first president, but today we dig into the archives and ask the age old question, “Did George Washington have wooden teeth?”. The truth…may just shock you.

Enjoy this week’s episode and be sure to tune in next Monday for the final video in The Truth series with Funny or Die and Alan Thicke!