I’m all about automating my home. Manage my DVR from my iPhone? Done. Adjust temperature from my tablet? Not a problem. Answering my front door while I’m away? Now that just sounds silly.

Well the folks at Doorbot think that there’s demand for this. The Doorbot device let’s you see and respond to anyone at your front door through your smartphone. If you’re like me you might be wondering why on earth anyone would need this? Obviously, you’re not as popular as some people.

I guess if the FedEx guy is ringing the doorbell this might come in handy around the holidays. You could instruct him to leave the package by the door or even around back instead of having to deal with going to one of those shipping facilities to pick it up later.

I question the security issues involved with something like this. Aren’t you basically telling people you’re not home? But then again I guess we do the same thing when we check in on Foursquare or share vacation pics on Facebook.

The DoorBot is available on Amazon.com for $199. Let us know if you’d be interested in a DoorBot in the comments.

Updated on 11/13

So the creator of DoorBot came across this post and shared some insightful comments that has put some new light on the potential uses for DoorBot. Here’s what he had to say:

I think that you are not looking at the main use case for the device. Over 70% of our customers buy the DoorBot for security. Security is a few things.

1. Being able to answer the door and appear as home when you are even half way around the world.

2. Being able to answer the door inside the house without having to go to the door and confront the visitor. This is a big one for my wife. When she is home alone she loves this feature.

3. Recording visitors that come to your front door. Most crime is done during the day when no one is home. DoorBot is perfectly positioned to capture this. (This feature is rolling out in about 1 month).

Valid points. I may have to give DoorBot a second look.