So I am getting ready for my week’s vacation down the Jersey Shore.  For those of you outside of the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, New York  and New Jersey, this is a good thing and NOT what you think by watching MTV.

Clean white beaches, family oriented activities, 6 mile long boardwalk, great food and the smell of salt air.  Not Snooki and the Situation.

I’m going to my hometown, where I grew up and went to 1st grade through high school.  A town called Ventnor.  The main streets, Ventnor Avenue and Atlantic Avenue, are the yellows in Monopoly.

Ventnor 300x225 Down the ShoreSo when I go back home in the summer, besides the beaches, the food and the Ocean City boardwalk, there are two things I really look forward to doing…Fishing and looking at real estate.  I love flounder fishing off the bulkhead in my old neighborhood and trying to see if I could ever afford to move back to the shore in a 2nd home situation.  I’m dreaming, I know, but it’s still fun.

So first, fishing…to get ready for the big week, I’m getting all my tackle ready and I realize that one of my big weaknesses in fishing is my complete inability to tie a knot that doesn’t come undone when a fish is on the line.  So I go to Google and search for fishing knots and guess what….have you ever tried to tie a knot using a diagram.  NO WAY.  So I quickly went to Youtube and watched a great video, and it taught me how to make the right knots for my fishing needs.  GREAT.

Youtube Ventnor 300x284 Down the ShoreWhile on YouTube, I then searched for “fishing in Ventnor NJ” videos and came across only one video about the Ventnor Pier…but then, I also notice videos of condos and real estate, and my second passion kicks in.

Video and real estate are great, and not sure consumers looking for houses think about video before they go to traditional websites.  But at Coldwell Banker Real Estate, we think video is the wave of the future.  You see so much more of the house and learn more about the property than you would reading a three paragraph property description and looking at a few photos.

That’s why we created Coldwell Banker ® On Location sm and uploaded over 15,000 video listings to the site…so consumers could easily search and find properties that offer video as a way to learn more about real estate….just like learning to tie a fishing knot.

Wish me luck as we go Back Bay fishing on the JessieO II!