Filling Your Home with Positive Messages

Creative ways to incorporate inspirational words throughout the home

On Sunday my husband and I dropped off his used skateboard deck, freshly painted as a library book checkout card including quotes from two of his favorite books: “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee and “Mockingbird Wish Me Luck” by Charles Bukowski. The recycled skateboard was one of more than 100 created by local Atlanta artists to raise money for Brain Tumor Foundation for Children. Once we had the board checked in, both of us were eager to see what everyone else had been working on over the last month, and one thing that jumped out to me was the use of words on many of the boards.

Anyone who’s bought or sold a home understands the importance of a sign, but what about the importance of signs in our home while we live in them? I for one have signs all over my house – some incorporated into paintings I’ve created or bought, some letterpress prints I’ve picked up on Etsy that hang on my refrigerator, some simply on post-it notes stuck to my computer – all of them communicating positive reminders of life.

Check out some of my top Etsy picks for signs to fill your home.

Good Vibes



Live in the sunshine



Go play

Everything will be OK

Main image photo credit via Flicker Creative Commons User Kate Ter Haar

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