When many people think of Texan cuisine, foods like enchiladas, chili, and smoked brisket may come to mind, so finding sophistication in the Dallas-Fort Worth culinary scene comes as a surprise to many, especially those new to or unfamiliar with the area.

Dallas-Fort Worth is home to many fine dining establishments and world-class chefs. According to Summer Jones, an executive chef at Saint Emilion in Fort Worth, “the basics and classic techniques” are emphasized more heavily by chefs and “the days of shortcuts and molecular gastronomy” are over. Instead, he says “top chefs in the DFW area strive to provide an exquisite dining experience for their patrons with local, organic foods such as honey, herbs grown onsite, and duck eggs from nearby farms.”

Fine Dining Hot Spots in Dallas

Four- and five-star restaurants line the streets uptown and downtown in Dallas. Representing a broad range of cuisines with highly trained chefs and staff, these restaurants have appeared on national Top 10 lists and have won numerous local awards. Surrounded by highways, these restaurants are easily accessible to people in the Metroplex, and they are in close proximity to neighborhoods such as Oaklawn, Highland Park, Lakewood, Preston Hollow, and the city suburbs.

The Culinary Scene in Fort Worth

Although Fort Worth is slightly smaller than Dallas, it is an up and coming metropolitan area with its own distinct culinary existence. For example, the seventh street revival in downtown Fort Worth boasts an array of fine dining establishments, upscale boutiques, lounges, contemporary loft apartments, and art galleries. From classic French bistro food to gourmet sashimi and sushi, the area is a haven for foodies. Downtown Fort Worth is easily accessible from neighborhoods throughout the city and the surrounding suburbs, such as North Richland Hills, Southlake, and Arlington.

Something for Everyone

Because of Dallas-Fort Worth’s ethnically diverse population, locals and visitors can enjoy culinary influences from virtually every corner of the world, even at upscale establishments.

It seems as if the trend toward healthy, hearty, and local is here to stay because Dallas-Fort Worth’s diners are showing they appreciate the attention to detail that only experienced chefs who possess a fiery passion for food and service can offer. In fact, Chef Summer Jones emphasizes how chefs and restaurant owners are meticulously aware of their clientele’s tastes and dietary considerations along with their adventurous and refined palates.

From the ambiance set forth by a restaurant proprietor, to the culinary knowledge of the waitstaff, to chefs paying homage to age-old techniques, the Dallas-Fort Worth dining scene is an experience to savor.