3178503206 278cd86c6d b Home Sweet Office?Home is no longer just the place where you hang your hat, but is becoming the place to open up your briefcase as well.

Over 4,700 consumers responded to an online poll on coldwellbanker.com and Coldwell Banker On Location that asked the question, “Besides as a bedroom, how would you use an extra room in your house?” 52% of respondents said they would like to turn that extra room into an office. A “family space” was the number two response with 28% percent with “exercise room” and “space to entertain” both coming in with 9% of the remaining votes.

Personally, I would have voted for “space to entertain” as dreams of home theatre dance in my head, but I can see why “office” turned out to be the most popular response. The Census Bureau reported in January that they saw a significant increase in the number of people working from home estimating that there are 11.3 million “homepreneurs” in America.

With an updated census taking place this year, I’m willing to be we’ll see these work from home numbers increase even more.

Will your next home be as much for work as it is for living space? Are you one of these “homepreneurs?” Share your thoughts and even photos of your “home office” in the comments below.

Photo: Flickr user joey.parsons