Home of the Week: A Historic 17th Century Roman Mansion

Alessandra Di Toro with Coldwell Banker Immobiliare Gruppo Futura takes you on a tour of this historic Italian home.

Our focus on our finest international properties enters its third week as we head to the “eternal city” of Rome, Italy for a look at a historic 17th century detached mansion.

This prestigious home is located in the heart of the city just steps from the Roman Forum and other important ancient temples and structures that were at the center of Roman life. The home located in the famous building known as “Palazzo del Grillo” is listed for $8.9 million and features a royal-like interior with more than 5,300 square feet of interior living space.

Owning this 3 bedroom and 4 bath home is like owning a piece of ancient Roman history. Besides its privileged location, the home itself has been renovated, designed and even owned by some of Italy’s most famous artists and socialites – all who left an indelible mark on this magnificent property. With ceilings tastefully decorated by the famous Pietro da Cortona, who was the leading Italian Baroque painter of his time; to owners like Marquis del Grillo who was admitted to Roman aristocracy by Pope Clemente X; this home is teeming with historical significance.

While I certainly do appreciate history,  let us not forget that this property also makes for a breathtaking trophy home! This charming residence offers up two large main halls for entertaining, chapel ceilings, frescoed halls, gorgeous courtyards and lovely over-sized windows. On top of all of this (literally), the home features a rooftop terrace that offers up priceless views of historic Rome.

Click here if you’d like to see more of this superb home listed by Valentina Bodini with Coldwell Banker Immobiliare Gruppo Futura.

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