SmartHomeCover If Al Gore and Gizmodo Built a House

Photo by J.B. Spector

If Al Gore and Gizmodo built a house, it would look a lot like a unique exhibit on display at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. In fact, Gizmodo played a significant role implementing some of the smart tech on display in this home of the future.

Some friends of mine who live in Chicago turned me on to this new exhibit and sent me the link to browse through it online. I have to say I’m amazed and what it has to offer and how it runs so efficiently as well. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry website says “the Smart Home provides examples and ideas for sustainable living with contemporary style and in harmony with the environment.”

That’s a pretty tall task to live up to, but the Smart Home does it. From wind turbines to self-sustaining landscaping to green building materials, this house has amazing energy efficiency and even touts that it’s one of the quietest homes you’ll ever be in.

Gizmodo added some unique technology innovations that include a talking mirror (no it won’t tell you who’s the prettiest of them all, but it can tell you the weather), a digital nerve center to manage devices & energy, an anti-bacterial solar toothbrush and a whole lot more.

If you’re in Chicago, the Smart Home is worth a visit, but even if you aren’t in the Windy City you can browse some of the amazing aspects of this home online at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Website.

Photography by J.B. Spector, Museum of Science & Industry