Barely a month ago, Coldwell Banker set another real estate industry first by being the first real estate brand to work with Apple in creating an iAd unit for the iPad. For those not familiar with what an iAd is it’s a unique advertising unit only available through Apple’s iOs that allows advertisers to turn a mobile ad into an “app within an app” by serving up a unique functionality and experience within the app the ad is running on. Something that is unseen in other mobile ad units.

The Coldwell Banker iAd for iPad has already seen some success. We’re finding that the iAd units are drawing more consumer interaction than you’d ever find on a standard banner ad as people are interacting with our iAd for over a minute at a time. Not only that but click thru rates and conversion rates are making standard banners look like child’s play.

We’ve come to the conclusion that the iAd is allowing us to do things in our mobile advertising that you can’t replicate elsewhere. So today, we’ve added an iAd for the iPhone to the mix, and it just so happens to also be Apple’s 100th iAd. This iAd is different from the iPad version and it focuses on helping consumers find a home for sale that meets their needs right within our iAd unit. Consumers can even call an agent right from the iAd to get more details on a property.

Below are some images of how our iPhone iAd looks and you’ll find it running within popular iPhone apps like Huffington Post, Weather Channel and many others. You can also test the iAd for iPhone for yourself if you have an iPhone. Just download the iAd Gallery app and you’ll see the Coldwell Banker iAd featured there.

We’re excited to see how this new iAd unit performs as we know that more and more people are using their mobile device to search for a home. And while you’re taking a look at our iAd feel free to download the Coldwell Banker iPhone app to take your search for a home even further.