The Jacksonville public transportation system can be somewhat limited for city residents, which is why only a small number typically rely on it. However, for those who choose to commute to work, there are many neighborhoods throughout the city with good access to Jacksonville public transportation routes.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, well over a million people live around the city, but most businesses are located in Downtown, Southside, or Northside Jacksonville. If those areas are not your first choice as a place to live, here are some other neighborhoods that many consider ideal places to buy or rent a home in Jacksonville.

St. Johns County/St. Augustine

Northern St. Johns County has several subdivisions, a great school district, and friendly communities. Just a bit further south is St. Augustine, the country’s oldest city. Still in St. Johns County, St. Augustine is filled with historic buildings and forts, boutiques, and beach access. St. Augustine also has a wide variety of homes available, from beach side condos to historic bungalows. It takes about 45 minutes to get from St. Augustine to downtown Jacksonville.

The Beaches

If St. Augustine is too far south, Jacksonville also offers a number of beaches that require a shorter commute than St. Augustine. Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach are about 20 minutes from Downtown Jacksonville. Although, with many restaurants, small businesses, and a shopping district, beach residents only usually drive to and from work. These beaches are also popular with students because of their proximity to the University of North Florida.

Orange Park

More affordable than the beaches and St. Johns County, many people choose Orange Park as a home base. With a mall, a strong school district, and many restaurants, Orange Park is popular for first-time homebuyers and people on a budget. Orange Park is about 25 minutes from Downtown Jacksonville.

Riverside/Ortega/San Marco

If you’re looking to shorten your drive time even more, some of the historic neighborhoods surrounding Downtown Jacksonville may be your best bet. Riverside, San Marco, and Ortega have historic homes, quaint shops, many dining choices, and an interesting diversity of inhabitants. Commute times from these neighborhoods range from five to 10 minutes.

No matter what neighborhood you select, there’s a strong chance you will have to commute to work every day. Make sure you pick a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and has access to Jacksonville public transportation if needed. Given the city’s variety of areas, you’re bound to find one easily.