couple with mobile 300x195 Just How Big is the Mobile Web??I just read a great report from Quantcast on mobile web usage as of Dec 2009…Here’s the facts:

  • About 1% of all web consumption is coming from mobile.  That doesn’t sound too big, but that’s up from half a percent in May 2009. So in 7 months, the amount of mobile web browsing doubled!  At that pace, 3-5% of total web consumption could be coming from mobile devices by the end of 2010.
  • iPhone has 65% of the mobile web share.  Droid is 2nd at 12% and Blackberry 3rd at 9%.  So, 85% of the total mobile web share is coming from three carriers.

Add in the iPad and the next wave of tablets that will surely come out, throw in just how much fun apps are and you have to think that PC tower under your desk is doomed, and portability is the new way.

But before you throw it all away (in an environmentally responsible way, of course), you gotta make sure that the products and services you are looking for are ready for a mobile world…

So in real estate, you can now walk down the boardwalk, while on vacation and enjoying a beautiful summer day, and see a house with a Coldwell Banker ® yard sign. But instead of going over to that little plastic paper holder and pulling out a soggy, ink bled flyer that is stuck to the other 10 pages (that is if it has been refilled), you can open your phone and either through the browser or an app, find that home and others in the area, get recent sales info and contact an agent by calling him/her, RIGHT THEN AND THERE.  Or, post to your facebook page and see if your friends and family think it’s a good property (chances are if it’s a shore house, no one will talk you out of it because then they can visit).  Or visit Coldwell Banker On LocationTM at and see if there is a video of the property to give you even more information…and of course, watch in on your 3G Droid phone.

And the good news is, our Coldwell Banker real estate professionals are just as crazy about their technology as you are, so you can expect that the person on the other side of the click to be able to respond to you in the manner you want (you just have to tell them if you are a text guy or an email guy) and in a timely manner.

Now go and enjoy a soft serve cone on the boards…

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Boardwalk at Ocean City, NJ

Oh, and if they don’t get back to you fast, you email me at

Photo by Flickr user by copr369