wrong Decisions 300x216 New Coldwell Banker Real Estate TV SpotThe new Coldwell Banker ® TV spot (Wrong Decisions) is out the door and on air for about a month, and I have to say, I’m pretty pumped!

First and foremost, I think we nailed the right message for the times…everyday it seems, the media is saying either we’ve turned the corner or uh oh, home sales and prices are slipping again.  People are confused.  That’s why we have the Trusted Agents, outfitted with the Right Tools, to help  you make Smarter Decisions.  Then add a really small house, the sinking house, the mirror house, the asteroid house and of course the airplane, because it never hurts to add a little humor to the mix, even with something as serious as buying or selling a home.

So can we back this up?  Yes we can…

Trusted Agents…We are the nation’s oldest national real estate company, founded  in the ashes of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.  Our Founder, Colbert Coldwell, established the company to try and create order from the chaos the earthquake left behind in the local real estate market.  For 105 years we have been helping people find the home or property of their dreams, and today, we are known, among many things, to be the best for our expertise to sell a home quickly and for top dollar (internal research).  Other research studies show that trust is one of keywords associated with our brand, both from an agent and consumer perspective.  We have great agents and broker owners that make up our global network of real estate professionals.  My boss, Jim Gillespie, is the trusted resource on TV when business news needs the real scoop on the real estate market.

Right Tools…we were the first national brand with a website, first with an iPhone and Droid app, the best real estate channel on YouTube based on number of videos uploaded, quality of videos and ease of search from the YT platform.  We also just launched an iPad app that is the first to incorporate video in any meaningful way, and more is on the way.  We are the only two time Innovator of the Year award winner from Inman, our industry’s version of the Mashables.  Oh yeah, we were also a finalist in 2009 for a Mashable award.  There’s more, but not enough time in this post…These tools allow you as a consumer to find the info you need quickly and on the screens you prefer.  We also have a ton of back office tools that make our agents more efficient and productive.

Smarter Decisions…that’s what it’s all about today.  If you are buying or selling a home, there are so many decisions to make along the way that can affect not only how much you will enjoy that new home of your dreams, but how well positioned are you financially in the short and long term?  Between finding the right listing price to balancing time on market with sale price, getting  mortgage and inspection support, avoiding the “wrong house” when shopping, having the right negotiating strategy and offer price, etc…   There are a lot of events  along the way when buying or selling a home for things to not turn out so great, so you need someone that you can trust to help you through the process.

One of our agents did a client testimonial video and it inspired us to make this commercial.    The link is here.  Basically, these young first time buyers  were happy that they had Evan and Coldwell Banker on their side of the table, because as they say, “it’s a BIG DECISION”…

Enjoy the spot and I hope we are on your side of the table the next time you are buying or selling a home.  More importantly, don’t find yourself on the other side of the table from us!