Real Estate Headlines with Lego Apartments, Fast...

Other headlines include homes of the future from the 50's, cash is still king with new homes and signs you love your home too much.

Sound Real Estate Lessons from the Incas

One look a Machu Picchu and you'll see how the Inca were some of the first Real Estate experts. Here are a few real estate pearls of wisdom from the ancient Inca.

Drop the Watering Can and Enjoy These Low...

Spend less time watering and more time admiring the beauty of your garden.

7 Reasons to Stay Home Instead of Going to...

As costumed individuals descend upon the annual Comic-Con convention in San Diego, here's reason to be thankful you're staying home.

10 Things We Miss Most When Away From Home

While we love vacation, we love home more.

12 Desk Ideas For Your Home Office

Your desk and work environment are important so make them reflect you!
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Real Estate Headlines Featuring Jimmy Fallon,...

As you can tell we have a new design on the Coldwell Banker blog. Pretty nice if you ask me. But I know you didn’t. You’re too busy not reading this well thought out intro because you...

Real Estate Headlines Featuring Psychics, China,...

April showers bring May flowers. And what do May flowers bring? Well pilgrims of course. And there you have a full serving of juvenile humor for the week and before I descend further into the depths...

How to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit

Summer is almost here. Upgrade your backyard with this sizzling hot DIY project.

11 Uses for WD-40 in Your Home

Maintaining your home can be timely and expensive. Try these few tips using WD-40 to help alleviate the headache.

How To Open Your Pool

Spring is in full bloom and this can mean a lot of things for many different people. For example, if you own a pool you’re surely thinking (probably dreading) about opening it for the season....

Is This the Cutest Backyard Party Idea Ever?

An easy, super creative and absolutely adorable DIY kid's party idea. Don't forget the popcorn!
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