If you are an avid sports fan, Philadelphia is the place to be. The dedication of the fans come win or loss, the sprawling sports arenas, and the overall energy of the city will excite and inspire you.

The nickname “Philly” is synonymous not only with sports teams but with very serious fans who do not take sports lightly. Just about every day, you can find one of Philadelphia’s sports teams either playing a game or being talked about on the news—even in the off-season. The four most popular Philly sports teams are the Eagles (NFL), the 76ers (MBA), the Flyers (NHL), and the Phillies (MLB). Regardless of what types of games you like to follow, Philly is the place to be if you want an exciting sports experience.

The Stadiums

The city of Philadelphia invested big dollars into revamping its sports arenas. The arenas at the South Philadelphia Sports complex are some of the most modern and beautiful stadiums and courts on the planet. The complex includes the Wells Fargo Center, Citizens Bank Park, and Lincoln Financial Field. When you drive down or up I-95 at night, you have a perfect view of the Eagles football stadium and its shining lights. After the games, the streets near the stadiums fill up with energetic fans, all trying to find their way home.


Philly sports fans are very serious about their teams, and they do not pull any punches. When the teams are winning, love pervades the city. When they are losing, you can cut the tension in the air with a knife. Either way, Philly sports fans are there for every game, whether they are sitting in the stadium or catching it on a huge plasma screen at their favorite local bars.

Broad Street Parades

If there ever was a road, street, or avenue designed for a huge parade to celebrate a championship win, Broad Street in Philadelphia is it. It is as though city planners had the perfect design in mind. Broad Street stretches south-to-north from one end of Philadelphia to the other. The sports arenas are located at the south end of Broad Street; when there is a parade, it marches north toward Center City and beyond.

If you are a serious sports fan, you may find that living in Philadelphia offers you a slice of heaven. When you finally pull into town, either get yourself some season passes for Philly sports games; or pick a pub, grab yourself a big cheese steak, and pull up a stool to enjoy the game with your new, passionate, sports-loving friends.