photo2 200x300 Phone Home ShoppingThe Wall Street Journal released an article this morning talking about how more and more home buyers are using mobile apps to help them find the home of their dreams. The article is a quick read and very much a high level look at how real estate apps are popping up left and right.

At Coldwell Banker, we’re definitely seeing this trend within our customer base. For the first two months of the year, visitors to from mobile phones has seen a 132% increase in traffic over the first two months of 2009 according to our Google Analytics report. Part of the reason for that is our focus on increasing awareness of the mobile version of our site which is formatted for any cell phone just by visiting from your mobile browser.

Of course we have apps for the iPhone and Android as well, but to see a jump in the mobile visits to a website to us signals a growing trend. I personally debate whether it’s people seeing yard signs and pulling up the mobile site for more information or if it’s customers at the mall, in a meeting or just at home using their phone to search for homes during some down time.

Whatever the case may be I think all of us can see that our phones are much more than just devices we talk on and in some cases have  become an essential tool in the home buying process.

I know personally that there are three things that if they broke today I would drop everything and get a new one. My phone is one (it’s an Android; the HTC Eris). The other two are my HDTV and DVR, but now I digress. Do you feel the same way?

P.S. Even this blog is formatted for smartphones!