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So apparently this mobile thing has really taken off! Is it a problem that I break into a cold sweat the minute my phone’s battery dies? Or that I sleep no more than two feet from it, use it as my camera to take pictures while on vacation, tweet compulsively, manage my finances, conduct research, blog, find cool places to go and a whole lot more?  I mean, I’ve known for quite a while that smartphones were transformative and vital to our personal and professional lives but there was always a part of me that thought my obsession with mobile was a result of my job (and being surrounded by tech junkies) and that I was not the typical mobile user/consumer.

Well that mindset quickly changes the minute you start getting text messages from your grandmother, Video chat requests on Skype from your father while you’re in London vacationing, and when your mom brags about buying Salsa class lessons on Living Social. Yup, mobile has most certainly hit critical mass in 2011.

The statement that mobile exploded and reached critical mass in 2011 is supported by both internal analytics and data gleamed from research conducted and published by reputable organizations like Google, Nielsen and ComScore. Consider this, Coldwell Banker saw an 82% increase in year over year visits to our smartphone applications and a 111% year over year increase in visits to our mobile websites. And these are increases over 2010, which in of itself was a hallmark year for Coldwell Banker as far as mobile traffic is concerned.

Something has happened. Something has clicked.

With that in mind, I took the last few weeks of 2011 to conduct research on the year that was and wrote a mobile whitepaper titled, “The (Real) State of Mobile” that explores the following:

  • How and why mobile has hit a critical mass
  • The differences between iPhone and Android platforms and the people that use them
  • The power and scope of the mobile app market
  • The explosion in mobile web and local search
  • How tablets iPad has changed the mobile market
  • What Coldwell Banker is doing in the mobile space

Then I capped the whitepaper off by giving some real world simple steps that you can take to make your local business mobile ready for your future customers. In the end, it all comes down to making a great first (and lasting) impression and delivering experiences that consumers have come to expect and that position you as a leader in your market. Hopefully what I put together sparks a few ideas for you!

You can download the white paper by clicking here.