Real Estate Headlines Featuring $100 Million, Mr. Bauer and Cash Buyers

A collection of the top real estate news stories breaking this week.

Welcome to May where your homes suddenly get a little brighter and you have the internal debate whether it’s too early to turn on the air conditioning. With baseball in full swing, college graduations coming up and wedding season on its way, let’s get to your weekly dose of real estate headlines before you realize just how much money you’ll be spending this month.

Here’s a stat that may surprise you: 30% of the the real estate market are cash buyers.

NYC Mayor de Blasio plans to create 200,000 affordable housing units by 2024.

Business Insider has the 11 most expensive US homes ever sold.

Jack is back on 24 and we’ve built the perfect home for Mr. Bauer.

Fixed mortgage rate vs. variable? Which is the right move?

We’re seeing an increase in +$100 million homes for sale.

America’s underwater homeowners are now becoming afloat once again.

The age old debate of rent vs. buy. Economists explain why owning a home still beats renting.

And finally here are 5 signs it’s time to find a new real estate agent.

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