Real Estate Headlines with Apartment Therapy, BuzzFeed and Flip City

Other headlines include buying a foreclosed home, foreign buyers entering the East Coast and renovating your attic.

Graduations. Weddings. Senioritis. It’s all coming your way now that the calendar has turned to Junes. You’re already wondering if summer Fridays are something you have access to, but before your mind wanders to what SPF really stands for let’s start your week with a dose of real estate headlines:

Inman shares 15 money-saving tips for first-time homebuyers.

Housing Wire thinks there are a few markets that are in bubble territory.

RISMedia shares 5 government policies you should know about before buying your home.

Foreign home buyers are flooding one East Coast city with piles of cash. Hint: It’s where LeBron once took his talents to.

Apartment Therapy takes a look at how to sell a condo vs. a home.

BuzzFeed tells you everything you need to know about buying a $500 house in Detroit.

Renovating your attic instead of moving? Might be an option for some.

This scares me to death: a home infested with snakes.

Guess which Midwestern town is becoming “flip city?”

Forbes has 5 keys to the 2015 home buying season.

And finally, how do you buy a foreclosed home?

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