Welcome to 2014. Sure I’m a week late in wishing you a “Merry New Year” but I’m happy to see you back with us to start the year off right. Before you get all caught up in how you’ve already broken your new year’s resolution, here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

Leonardo DiCaprio might be the Wolf of Wall Street, but he’s also made a Titanic sale for his home in Malibu.

Would you use Bitcoin to buy a multi-million dollar home? Only in Vegas…

Which state has the highest property taxes? My home state of New Jersey, but surprisingly Hawaii is one of the lowest.

Yahoo shares 5 ways to make a mortgage move faster.

Katy Perry can roar about how this “California Gurl” can set off fireworks because she fulfilled her teenage dream of selling her home for $5.65 million. (see what I did there? ok, just making sure.)

File this under things that don’t surprise me: The Manhattan real estate and rental market is hot.

I definitely want – no scratch that – I need one of these home spas at my house.

And finally, don’t you want a dome for your home? Here’s a DIY guide to turn your home into The Shire.