Real Estate Headlines Featuring Shark Tank, Bounce Back and Valley of the Moon

A collection of real estate headlines for the week of May 19, 2014.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up and suddenly you realize you need to actually mow that lawn of yours. Graduations, weddings and summer vacations are right around the corner, but before we get carried away on the wings of impending summer here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week.

What are some best practices when attending an open house?

Would you be interested in a $75 million, 32,000 sq ft home…in Russia?

U.S. housing starts bounced back in April.

Forbes details why another housing bubble isn’t happening.

Realty Times says the first two weeks are critical to marketing your home for sale.

Here’s a look at how to add real estate to IRAs.

The Wall Street Journal thinks that little fixes to your home can help boost the sale of it.

Can ABC’s Shark Tank teach us something about real estate?

Where can the middle class afford to buy real estate these days?

And finally, the “Valley of the Moon” ranch is insanely awesome if you don’t mind living in the middle of nowhere.

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