That creeping feeling? It’s the end of summer haunting you. But let’s not fret quite yet. There’s still practically a full month of August left to enjoy the pool, the beach, and perhaps one last vacation. While you try to remember if you need to buy more suntan lotion, here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week.

Guess which market is seeing a significant rise in the price of its luxury homes? If you said Dubai, you win a chicken dinner. (Note: You actually don’t win anything. Sorry about that.)

Taylor Swift’s childhood home in Pennsylvania is on the market. During the open house this weekend several people we’re rumored to remark that the place got them feeling 22 while others thought knew it was trouble when they walked in.

Some are arguing that it’s not a good idea to buy your home in cash.

Business Insider has an interesting graph showing why it is that New York City renters can’t afford their rent.

San Diego’s Famous “Cats” House has sold. If you have never seen this home before, you probably should take a look.

Bloomberg reports that home prices rose to a 7 year high in May.

Yahoo Real Estate has a confessional from a former FSBO who admits not using a real estate agent was a mistake.

Fox Business reports on how fast can you really buy a home?

Detroit actually has homes for sale that are as cheap as $1.

And finally, the New York Times has an interesting story on why single women are succeeding in homeownership when single men can’t.